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Welcome to the world of Michigan chestnuts.  At TREEBORN, we make chestnuts like no one else in the WORLD. We take the unique chestnut from our SUSTAINABLY-GROWN trees in Michigan and turn the chestnuts into small wafers we call chestnut chips. 

Because they're dried, CHESTNUT CHIPS can be stored without wasting energy and when ready they can be turned into a popular GLUTEN-FREE CHESTNUT FLOUR sometimes called chestnut powder. But mostly, they're used by the BREWING INDUSTRY for making ales, stouts and porters Why the brewing industry? Because.... 


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Our Chestnut Products

Chestnut chips

Craft Roasting Chestnuts for use in the brewing process.

Chestnut Flour

The grain that grows on a tree.



"All of the ingredients come from the earth"

The beginning of chestnut beer in Michigan was reported in an excellent article entitled Strange Brew by Gabrielle Russon, a student-reporter for the State News (the student-supported newspaper of Michigan State University) in 2006.  For the full story with photos click 🌰🍺

This article chronicled the development of Michigan's first chestnut ale by Michigan's own brewing legend Ron Jeffries founder of Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales in Dexter. Jeffries told Russon, "It's all about good flavor," and at that time, one of Jeffries' new specialty beers, "Fuego del Otoño" (Spanish for "autumn fire"), contained Michigan-grown chestnuts. "It's different from what we normally do," Jeffries said. "It all seemed to kind of fit together." Jeffries described the chestnut beer as having almost a subtle cashew nut taste. "What it contributes is a unique lightness," Jeffries said. "Maybe a hint of nutty flavor."

The idea for Jeffries' chestnut beer came from Europe.  In Italy, a country renowned for producing some of the world's best wines, the robust flavor of the amber-colored chestnut beer caught the attention of Michigan State University plant pathology Professor Dennis Fulbright. Fulbright tasted Pietra, a chestnut-based beer at fall festivals around Italy.  Pietra is brewed on the French island of Corsica in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The strong chestnut beer stayed on Fulbright's mind.  When he returned to Michigan, where he is now the Vice President for Product Development for Treeborn, he wrote to all of the existing microbreweries at the time (all 50, now there are more than 300) letting them know about the European use of chestnuts in the European brewing industry. Ron Jeffries was one of the first brewers to respond and Jolly Pumpkin has continuously brewed Fuego del Otoño since 2005. It has an overall Untappd rating of 3.74 out of 5 and a Beer Advocate rating of 4.04 where it is deemed exceptional. 

Ramp up to 2015 and journalist Judy Putnam covered Treeborn, Inc and the brewing of chestnut beer for the Lansing State Journal.  Follow this link for more 🌰🍺🍻