Chestnut Flour or Powder

The Grain that Grows on Tree

Called the grain that grows on trees, chestnuts are unlike any other nut in that its nutrition is more like a grain.  What do you do with grains? Easy question. Grains are milled to flour.  This is much more difficult with other nuts due to their high fat content.  Chestnuts are very low in fats when compared to other nuts. AND THEY ARE...

Unlike grains—Chestnuts are always gluten-free

Gluten-free chestnut flour is sweet and adds a rich nutty flavor to your favorite recipes. Other chestnut processors dry their chestnuts in the shell and then peel them which leaves the kernel covered with pieces of the bitter paper called the pellicle (like a peanut paper).  Treeborn's chestnuts are peeled before drying the kernel when the chestnuts are fresh from the tree and the pellicle is easy to remove.   After peeling, the pellicle-free kernels are dried and ground to a 120 pastry-like flour.  Sweet, nutty and fine, we offer one of the best chestnut powders available. You have to taste it to find out how good it really is.  

One pound of fresh chestnuts can be ground to 1 cup of flour

Start by substituting part of your flour-based recipes with chestnut flour.  You may find partial or complete substitutions to work best. Cooking times can change and because chestnut flour is gluten-free, recipes may not rise to normal levels. Experiment and enjoy new flavors.