Expanding in Every Way

At the moment, Treeborn is expanding in every way. We have new people joining the team, new partners making beer from our chestnuts, and even more breweries working with samples to see what they can do. We have recently gotten six big new orders in, and over 60 other brewers are now at some stage of sampling. 

Last Saturday we were honored to be part of a dinner hosted by Grand River Marketplace. The event was the finale of a daylong seminar on growing chestnut trees from rooted cuttings. People from all over the world were there to learn how they can help more effectively proliferate the population of chestnut trees. At the dinner we had four courses, all made with Michigan chestnuts, and all completely gluten free. We also got to sample a gluten-free chestnut beer, made using chestnuts as the only sugar source. 

You can also find great articles about us in the Lansing State Journal and Tech Century.